What's Next?
We have a desire to see those who attend our church become more than just seat warmers. We want you to engage with us. There are four areas where you can become involved in at our church. Being the church requires more than just attendance.


Church Service -  One of the ways you can connect with our church is by attending our gatherings on Sunday mornings. Our Sunday service is the main connecting point for members of the community.
Connect Groups - During the week, we have our small groups that gather at different places. The Connect Groups is  a great place to meet new people that share common interests. 
Next Step Program - This program helps you discover your purpose. It is a 4 step program that runs directly after our morning service. Here you will learn more about who we are as a church, and how you can live out your ministry at Baruch.


In the Church - It takes many hands to make Baruch Church run fluently. If you have a desire to become involved as a volunteer, please contact us. We have many areas where people can get involved in to make an impact in the lives of others.
In the Community - We have a Christian School that we run during the week. This gives us an opportunity to make a difference in our community by providing quality and professional education. Have you ever had the desire to become involved in your community and not sure where to start? Volunteering at our Christian School may be a good place to start.


Please make sure you read the following statement very carefully: WE ARE NOT AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB! Everyone and anyone is welcome at Baruch Church. In order for us to become an effective and relevant church, we need to invest in the lives of our friends and family members by inviting them to church. We are not here to force any form of religion unto anyone. All we want to do is to share the love Jesus with others the same way He shared it with us. 


It is no mystery that life costs a price; there is no exception for the church. In order for us to be able to make an impact in the lives of those around us we are dependent on the financial support of those who attend our meetings. Giving is not forced on anyone. You can attend our church without giving anything. If you feel moved in your heart to give, we have two areas where you can sow into.
General Fund - The general fund is used for the day-to-day expenses that is required from running our church.
Building Fund - Not only do we have big plans for our own congregation, but we are also involved in the establishment and maintenance of other churches that we support. Money donated to this fund is used to cover the expenses of the construction of new and current churches that we support and also to save for our own building project.
Pastor Johan and Pastor Sandra Maritz
Senior Pastors