Unfailing Love
by Baruch Worship on September 1st, 2016

Just a few days ago, I was sitting in my office going through my "to-do" list for the week, when I just suddenly stopped for a second. I sat back in my chair, became quite, and the idea of God's love began to fill my mind. Now this may have happened because of my short attention span or that I just became bored with all the little "sticky-notes" that was on my desk, but it surely caused me to have my own little church service right there in my office.

My father always taught me that the thing that pulls people to God is love, not judgement. I have met so many people that have been hurt by people within the church. Now I understand that there are many that use the excuse 'I got hurt in church" to justify their inactivity, but there are those who have really experienced hurt.

Consider this for a second, why do we see so many young people that enter into adulthood turn their back on God and leave the church? Why do we see so many Pastor's kids that want nothing to do with church? It is questions like these that causes me to take a critical look at what we are busy with.

There is this confusion between truth and grace. The truth is we are all sinners, but Jesus says His grace is enough. For some reason some churches got stuck by only sharing the truth, but forgot about grace. On the other hand you find churches that completely neglect truth and only focus on grace. Both ends of the spectrum is bad. It is not the one or the other, but truth and grace needs to be considered in balance of each other. The purpose of this post is not to discuss this issue, but to understand that in the end, it was love that drew me to Christ. It was the unfailing love of the Father that penetrated my heart. It was love that was the first stepping stone to the process of sanctification. 

I think that it is time for love to return to the church. I want you to ask yourself the following question: Do you truly love? Really? Do we love the way Jesus loved? When I read the Bible, I read about the Son of God coming to earth for the lost, the sick, and the broken. Jesus spent time with those who did not seem worthy of His time. How do we treat those who do not look the way we do, and speak the way we do? Are sinners welcome to attend church?

Let me conclude with this: I am not saying that sin is okay.I am not saying that everything goes and we can do what we want. What I am saying is that in order for the church to make a difference, we need to begin with love first and allow God to do the pruning. Yes, we should teach on living a moral life and doing what is right in the eyes of God, but if we are all honest, none of us had a perfect, trouble free life. Sometimes we make mistakes and other times we just simply give in to temptation, but I want to stand with David and remind you today that God's love cannot fail! Stay humble and have a repenting heart and God will do the rest.

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Johan - September 1st, 2016 at 5:29 AM
Powerful Thank you. I agree with this
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